How big is a wine bottle?

How big is a wine bottle?

There are many types of wine bottles in the market with different shapes and sizes, but I have got some regular wine bottles. The dimension of a regular wine bottle is 3.2 inches in diameter x 12 inches in height. Now let’s discuss the wine bottle box. You can use a little bigger size of wine bottle boxes like 3.5 inches in width x 3.5 inches in depth x 12.5 inches in height. This wine bottle can hold 750ml of liquid in each bottle, so at this stage, if you are thinking about wine bottle storage. We’re offering you a free wine bottle box template. You can apply that wine box mockup free as your personal or custom wine box designs. We’re going to provide you lots of information with 6 different wine bottle sizes including wine bottle box templates.

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1. Split Wine Bottle Size & Split Wine Bottle Box Template

The Split wine bottle is like quarter bottles. It’s used in the market for a single serving of champagne. We are writing this information after getting experiments and research. You can also download a wine bottle box template. The Split bottle can hold 187ml (6 oz.) liquid in each bottle, and the size will be 178 x 50 mm. Our provided wine bottle box template will be 185 mm x 55 mm x 55 mm. Get a free wine bottle mockup template on just one click and you can also download wine glass mockup PSD free.

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2. Half Wine Bottle Size & Free Wine Bottle Box Template in PSD, AI, PDF.

That kind of bottle used as dessert wines. The Half Wine Bottle size is 241 x 57mm and half wine bottle can hold 375ml (13 oz.) liquid in each bottle. We’re here to offer you free wine box template vector, the wine box design can be easy. Our wine box template size is 250 mm x 60 mm x 60 mm for glass and candle bottles. You can get easily custom printed bottle boxes at our company

3. Bordeaux Wine Bottle Size & Wine Bottle Box Template.

It’s a regular wine bottle size and mostly used as sharing (that can be distributed in 4-6 persons). The regular Bordeaux bottle dimension is 296 mm x 80 mm x 80 mm, and that can hold 750ml (25 Oz.) liquid in every bottle. Here is the free wine box template vector you can use for the wine box can get all types of labels. Click below button and download free of cost.

4. Magnum & Large Wine Bottle Size box template.

This is a kind of large wine bottle. The large bottle size is 343 mm x 102 mm and that can hold 1.5 litters (50 Oz.) liquid. You can download a free wine box template with a size of 350 mm x 108 mm x 108 mm, it’s a single box template.we are providing all types of Christmas envelope templates, and get easily at our site.

5. Jeroboam Wine Bottle Size and box template.

It’s a larger size of wine bottle usually used in lots of friends and parties. This wine bottle can hold 3 litters (100 oz.) in each bottle. You can also pack your larger wine bottles in a cardboard box for brand advertising and bottle safety. You can download a free wine bottle box template from below buttons.   

if you are looking for small size bottle boxes, then you also get free small bottle boxes. Let’s start with 10ml bottle boxes


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